Trump Leads Country Through Wartime Scenario — His Numbers Drastically Change

We can all agree that the media has tried to use the Chinese Virus outbreak as a chance to harm the president. Even as the country wars against an unseen enemy, the liberal media tries to bash Trump. Despite this, Trump has been a tireless leader—providing constant updates and encouragement. Now, his approval numbers are in—and they’re yuge.

What can you say about a media so corrupt, that they’d use a pandemic for political purposes? It was bad enough to watch Nancy Pelosi try to pack an emergency relief bill with her pet projects. She obviously wanted to use this crisis as a backdoor to fund her radical agenda.

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But the media? Do these “reporters” have no souls? From the very start of this crisis, they have been lying to damage Trump’s presidency. They spread false reports about the number of testing kits we had. They lied when they said Trump eliminated his pandemic response team. They tried to put the blame of the stock market on Trump. And they keep saying his response to the pandemic has been slow.

(I’d like to see what all these “experts” would have done instead?)

And that’s not to mention the constant fearmongering outlets from CNN to Fox News have done to stoke panic among Americans.

What are the real facts? President Trump declare a national health emergency in January, before a single American died of COVID-19. He was mobilizing his task force while Democrats were still wasting time with their bogus impeachment. Over the last few months, he slashed through red tape to provide funding and testing to every state. And he’s continuing to move very fast to stop the spread of COVID-19 and make available life-saving treatments.

That’s not even mentioning how he put together a team of incredible leaders and experts, who have literally been working around the clock since this crisis started. Or how Trump himself is conducting daily press briefings, keeping the country informed. Or how he continues to speak on Twitter and other platforms, offering advice and encouragement to our people.

And let’s not forget his promise to bring economic relief to millions of Americans.

So, how have Americans responded to Trump’s leadership? If you believe the media, we should all be dead by now. Instead, this happened.

The majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance overall, and even more have a positive view of his administration’s response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic — a phenomenon that appears to be growing day by day — according to a Harris poll released Thursday…

Trump’s general approval jumped four points, 49 percent to 53 percent, in less than a week. However, the jump is even greater when narrowed to his “handling” of the coronavirus, specifically. His approval jumped five points, from 51 percent to 56 percent, in a matter of days. [Source: Breitbart]

Anyone that thought the Chinese Virus would destroy Trump’s presidency was way off. In fact, during this crisis, Trump’s approval has only risen. Specifically, his approval over the handling of the virus jumped five points in just a few days.

How do you account for that? The media hasn’t changed its narrative that Trump is a bad president. Yet his approval is growing.

In a time like this, we need a strong, uncompromising leader to weather this storm. We are very much in a wartime scenario. Only, the enemy is an invisible virus. But it takes the same kind of sacrifice and decisiveness to see us through.

Can you imagine any other leader doing a better job than Trump? Sanders is already melting down, cursing out reporters when asked basic questions. Joe Biden doesn’t even seem to understand what’s going on, continuing his reputation for gaffes and confusing statements.

And imagine, just imagine, if Hillary Clinton was president right now? Something tells me she would not be able to handle this kind of pressure.

Thank goodness we have a real leader in the White House, right now.

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